SY 2014-15 XML Validation Schemas

Validation schemas are provided for the states to use in the creation and validation of XML files. Files created against these schemas must be transformed into the EDEN ESS standard format. XSL stylesheets are provided to accomplish that task. Once transformed, the XML files will comply with the submission schemas contained within the EDEN Data Framework.

  • c002-idea-11  Text
  • c005-idea-rem-to-interim-alt-ed-setting-11  Text
  • c006-idea-suspensions/expulsions-11  Text
  • c007- idea-reasons-for-unilat-removal-11  Text
  • c009- idea-exiting-special-ed-11  Text
  • x029-lea-directory-11  Text
  • x029-school-directory-11  Text
  • x029-sea-directory-11  Text
  • c033-school-lunch-free-red-11  Text
  • c043-homeless-served-11  Text
  • C046- lep-program-11  Text
  • c052-membership-11  Text
  • c059-staff-fte-11  Text
  • c070-special-ed-teachers-11  Text
  • c089-idea-ec-11  Text
  • c099-special-ed-personnel-11  Text
  • c112-special-ed-paraprof-11  Text
  • c113-negl-deliq-outcomes-sea-11 download files Text
  • c125-negl-deliq-academic-ach-11 download files Text
  • c129-ccd-school-11 download files Text
  • c130-lea-esea-status-11 download files Text
  • c130-school-esea-status-11 download files Text
  • c143- idea-tot-discip-removal-11 download files Text
  • c144- edu-services-during-exp-11 download files Text
  • c152-corrective-actions-11 download files Text
  • c153-restructuring-actions-11 download files Text
  • c160-high-sch-grads-postsec-enrol-11 download files Text
  • c161-pub-sch-choice-11  Text
  • c164-psc-ses-data-11  Text
  • c170-lea-subgrant-status-11  Text
  • c171-acad-achieve-flex-subgroups-11  Text
  • c172-assess-participate-flex-subgroups-11 download files Text
  • c175- academic-achievement-mathematics-11 download files Text
  • c176-state-intervene-flex-file-11  Text
  • c178-academic-achievement-rla-11 download files Text
  • c179-academic–achievement-science-11 download files Text
  • c180-n-or-d-in-prog-outcomes-11 download files Text
  • c181-n-or-d-exited-prog-outcomes-11 download files Text
  • c182-n-or-d-trans-services-11 download files Text
  • c185-assessment-participation-mathematics-11 download files Text
  • c188-assessment-participation-rla-11 download files Text
  • c189-assessment-participation-science-11 download files Text
  • pbdmi-code-sets-11  Text
  • pbdmi-file-xmit-11  Text

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Last Modified: 07/29/2014