SY 2014-15 File Specifications

Active File Specifications (Enabled in ESS)

Inactive File Specifications (Not Yet Enabled in ESS):

The following file specifications are not yet enabled in ESS for SY 2014-15, but can be used for data file planning purposes. Data files cannot be submitted at this time; however, the guidance contained within the specifications has been finalized and approved by ED.

  • N029 — Directory v11.0 download files Word
  • X029 — Directory v11.0 download files Word
  • N039 — Grades Offered v11.0 download files Word
  • C002 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) School Age v11.0  Word
  • C005 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Removal to Interim Alternative Educational Setting v11.0  Word
  • C006 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Suspensions/Expulsions v11.0  Word
  • C007 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Reasons for Unilateral Removal v11.0  Word
  • C009 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Exiting Special Education v11.0  Word
  • C033 — Free Reduced Price Lunch v11.0  Word
  • C043 — Homeless Served (McKinney-Vento) v11.0  Word
  • C046 — LEP Students in LEP Program v11.0  Word
  • C052 — Membership v11.0  Word
  • C059 — Staff FTE v11.0  Word
  • C070 — Special Education Teachers (FTE) v11.0  Word
  • C089 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Early Childhood v11.0  Word
  • C099 — Special Education Related Services Personnel v11.0  Word
  • C112 — Special Education Paraprofessionals v11.0  Word
  • C113 — Neglected or Delinquent Academic Achievement — State Agency v11.0  Word
  • C125 — N or D Academic Achievement — LEA v11.0  Word
  • C129 — CCD School v11.0  Word
  • C130 — ESEA Status v11.0  Word
  • C143 — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Total Disciplinary Removals v11.0  Word
  • C144 — Educational Services During Expulsion Age v11.0  Word
  • C160 — High School Graduates Postsecondary Enrollment v11.0  Word
  • C161 — High School Graduates Postsecondary Credits Earned v11.0  Word
  • C164 — PSC/SES Data v11.0 Word
  • C170 — LEA Subgrant Status v11.0  Word
  • C171 — Academic Achievement — Flexibility Subgroups v11.0  Word
  • C172 — Assessment Participation — Flexibility v11.0  Word
  • C175 — Academic Achievement in Mathematics v11.0  Word
  • C176 — State Interventions — Flexibility File v11.0  Word
  • C178 — Academic Achievement in Reading (Language Arts) v11.0  Word
  • C179 — Academic Achievement in Science v11.0  Word
  • C180 — N or D — In Program Outcomes v11.0  Word
  • C181 — N or D — Exited Program Outcomes v11.0  Word
  • C182 — N or D — Transition Services v11.0  Word
  • C185 — Assessment Participation in Mathematics v11.0  Word
  • C188 — Assessment Participation in Reading/Language Arts v11.0  Word
  • C189 — Assessment Participation in Science v11.0  Word
  • C190 — Charter Authorizer Directory v11.0  Word

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Last Modified: 07/25/2014