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EDFacts is a U. S. Department of Education initiative to put performance data at the center of policy, management and budget decisions for all K-12 educational programs. EDFacts centralizes performance data supplied by K-12 state education agencies (SEAs) with other data assets, such as financial grant information, within the Department to enable better analysis and use in policy development, planning and management. The purpose of EDFacts is to:

  • Place the use of robust, timely performance data at the core of decision and policymaking in education.
  • Reduce state and district data burden and streamline data practices.
  • Improve state data capabilities by providing resources and technical assistance.
  • Provide data for planning, policy, and management at the federal, state, and local levels.

2012 EDFacts State Three-Year Comparison Profiles

The EDFacts State Three-Year Comparison Profiles provide three years of data from EDFacts, the Consolidated State Performance Report, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and other sources. These data include:

  • Contextual information on the numbers of school districts, all schools, Title I and charter schools in the state, and student enrollment by race/ethnicity as well as for special populations
  • The number and percentage of all schools and Title I schools that made adequate yearly progress (AYP) and those that did not make AYP and are in need of improvement
  • State annual measurable objective (AMO) targets
  • State student performance data and National Assessment of Education Progress data by race/ethnicity and special population subgroups
  • Student outcomes, including high school graduation and dropout rates, Advanced Placement participation, and college enrollment rates
  • Economic data on per-pupil expenditures and federal, state and local funding for education.

Explanatory notes accompany each profile to provide definitions for terms and information on data sources. A 508 compliant data file is also available. The profiles were developed by the Performance Information Management Service of the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, U.S. Department of Education.

EDFacts Overview

  • EDFacts Overview  PDF
  • EDFacts Data Content  PDF
  • EDFacts Discussion Points  Word
  • EDFacts Calendar (August 6, 2014)  Word

EDFacts Data Governance

  • EDFacts Data Governance Board (EDGB) Overview  PDF
  • EDGB Charter  Word

EDFacts System Documentation

  • EDFacts Submission System (ESS) File Specifications
  • EDFacts Data Set Reference Book (SYs 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16)  Word
  • EDFacts Business Rules Guide
  • ESS Release Notes
  • ESS User Guide  PDF
  • EDFacts Workbook
  • SY 2013-14 EDFacts Charter Workbook  Word
  • EDFacts FAQs  PDF
  • SY 2011-12 File Due Dates  Excel
  • SY 2012-13 File Due Dates  Excel
  • SY 2013-14 File Due Dates  Excel
  • EMAPS Assessment Metadata Survey User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS Submission Plan and File Status User Guide  Word
  • EMAPS State Supplemental Survey – EDTech User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS State Supplemental Survey – IDEA User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS IDEA Part B MOE Reduction & CEIS—User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS IDEA Part C Dispute Resolution User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS IDEA Part C Exiting Collection User Guide  PDF
  • EMAPS IDEA Part C Child Count and Setting User Guide  PDF

CSPR Documentation

  • SY 2013-14 CSPR—EDFacts Crosswalk  Excel
  • SY 2013-14 CSPR Part I  MS Word
  • SY 2013-14 CSPR Part II  MS Word
  • SY 2012-13 CSPR Part I Data Key  Excel
  • SY 2012-13 CSPR Part II Data Key  Excel
  • SY 2012-13 CSPR Business Rules Guide  Excel
  • SY 2013-14 CSPR Getting Started and FAQs  MS Word

IDEA Part C Documentation

  • 2013-14 Child Count (due April 2, 2014)  MS Word
  • 2013-14 Settings (due April 2, 2014)  MS Word
  • 2013-14 Dispute Resolution (due November 5, 2014; pending)
  • 2013-14 Exiting (due November 5, 2014; pending)
  • 2012-13 Child Count (due February 6, 2013)  MS Word
  • 2012-13 Settings (due February 6, 2013)  MS Word
  • 2012-13 Dispute Resolution (due November 6, 2013)  MS Word
  • 2012-13 Exiting (due November 6, 2013)  MS Word
  • 2011-12 Dispute Resolution (due November 7, 2012)  MS Word
  • 2011-12 Exiting (due November 7, 2012)  MS Word

EDFacts White Papers

  • Free and Reduced-Price Lunch Eligibility Data in EDFacts: A White Paper on Current Status and Potential Changes  Word

EDFacts Support

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