Regional Advisory Committees


Section 203 of Title II of the Educational Technical Assistance Act of 2002 (ETTA) directs the Secretary of Education to establish 20 comprehensive centers that provide technical assistance to State Educational Agencies (SEAs), Local Educational Agencies, regional service agencies and schools in implementing the goals and programs of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Section 206 of the ETTA directs the Secretary. in preparation for an upcoming Comprehensive Centers competition, to establish 10 Regional Advisory Committees (RACs), one in each of the geographical regions served by the current Regional Educational Laboratories, to advise on the educational needs of each region.

From May through August 2011 RACs met and gathered feedback from residents of their respective regions on the educational needs of the region and ways those needs could be addressed. The RACs submitted their reports to the Secretary on November 15, 2011.

Committee Membership

The membership of each committee reflected a balanced representation of the States in the region and was composed of parents, practicing educators, higher education representatives, business representatives, researchers, and not more than one representative from each SEA in the region. The average committee size was 10 to 12 members.

As required by the ETTA, the Secretary selected the membership of each committee after consulting with and receiving recommendations from governors, chief state school officers, and key education stakeholders and organizations within the applicable regions, including nominations resulting from a Federal Register Notice that was published on December 6, 2010.

Members of each RAC download files MS Word (120K)

Final Reports

Appalachia download files PDF (1.7M)

Central download files PDF (1.7M)

Mid Atlantic download files PDF (1.6M)

Mid West download files PDF (1.9M)

North East download files PDF (2.5M)

North West download files PDF (1.7M)

Pacific download files PDF (1.6M)

South East download files PDF (1.8M)

South West download files PDF (2.1M)

Western download files PDF (1.5M)

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Last Modified: 01/13/2012