Biography of Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu
National Mathematics Advisory Panel
Archived Information

Hung-Hsi Wu has been Professor of Mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley since 1973. He got into mathematics education in 1992 in response to his observation of obvious problems in the teaching of mathematics in schools, including the school mathematics curriculum, textbooks, and professional development. Although he started off as a part time critic, soon he was devoting all his energy to working with the state of California in the rewriting of California's 1999 Mathematics Framework, the state adoption of textbooks, California's Standards Tests, and the California Mathematics Project (the state's agency in in-service professional development). Since 2000, he has given summer professional development institutes for elementary and middle school teachers, first with California's Mathematics Professional Development Institutes, then with the Los Angeles County Office of Education. He was also a member of NAEP's Mathematics Steering Committee, 2000-2001, that contributed to the revision of the NAEP Framework. He was a member of the National Research Council Mathematics Study Panel that wrote the volume "Adding It Up," and is currently a member of another National Research Council panel which is in the process of writing a volume on the preparation of teachers.

Wu is currently co-Faculty Advisor on the Berkeley Campus of California Teach, which is the program created at the request of Governor Schwarzenegger to increase the production of mathematics and science teachers by the University of California system. His main effort in recent years has been directed at the writing of several textbooks for professional development of K-12 mathematics teachers.

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Last Modified: 05/15/2006