Biography of Dr. Bert Fristedt
National Mathematics Advisory Panel
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Bert Fristedt is a Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teacher of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He joined the faculty of that mathematics department in 1963. He grew up in Minnesota and earned his B.S. from the University in 1959.

Fristedt's major field of research is probability theory. He coauthored, with Professor Larry Gray, the graduate level textbook entitled "A Modern Approach to Probability Theory." He has also done research in aspects of game theory, combinatorics, and sequential decision theory, in particular. He coauthored, with Dr. Donald A. Berry, the book entitled "Bandit Problems: Sequential Allocation of Experiments." He often teaches the junior-senior level geometry sequence, a sequence at the University which has used Fristedt's booklet as the textbook for the past several years. The booklet treats Euclidean geometry via vectors, as well as hyperbolic and projective geometry. Another sequence that he has often taught is a two-course sequence in mathematics designed for prospective elementary school teachers who have already taken college algebra. These courses use considerable group learning but individual grading.

In 2003 Fristedt served on the Mathematics Subcommittee of the Academic Standards Committee in Minnesota, the committee, which wrote Minnesota K-12 mathematics standards. For several years, Fristedt has been communicating his K-12 math concerns to members of both the legislative and administrative branches of Minnesota government—in legislative testimony, in person-to-person contacts, and in e-mail communication.

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Last Modified: 03/28/2007