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Press Releases

  • Brown Center at Brookings, May 2012 download files PDF
  • Rationalizing the Pell Policy Debate, January 2012 download files PDF
  • Mr. Norm Bedford and Dr. Helen Benjamin Elected Chair and Vice Chair, September 2011 download files PDF
  • Mr. Allison G. Jones and Mr. Norm Bedford Re-Elected Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, September 2010 download files PDF
  • Advisory Committee Enters Second Phase of Higher Education Regulations Study, December 2009 download files PDF
  • Initial Deadline Approaches for Comment on Burdensome Regulations, July 2009 download files PDF
  • ACSFA Seeks Public Comment on Burdensome Regulations, May 2009 download files PDF
  • Congress Simplifies Student Aid Through Budget Reconciliation, September 2007 download files PDF

Access & Persistence Quarterly Publications

Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

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