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Technical Assistance

For over twenty years, the Advisory Committee has provided expert, nonpartisan advice and technical assistance to both Congress and the Secretary of Education. Advisory Committee members and staff provide relevant expertise on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Federal, state, and institutional programs of postsecondary student assistance

  • Systems of need analysis and application forms

  • Standards by which financial need is measured in determining eligibility

  • Student aid delivery

  • Modernization of student financial aid systems and use of technology

  • Student financial aid information resources and services

  • Data collection needs and student information requirements

  • Early intervention programs

  • Studies, surveys, and analyses of student aid programs, policies, and practices

  • Partnerships: federal and state governments, institutions, and private entities

  • Legislative and administrative policy proposals

  • Federal regulations and proposed regulations

In addition to routine support for ongoing matters and by congressional request, technical assistance has been provided through three reauthorizations of the Higher Education Act.

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Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

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