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The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 authorizes [PDF, 33K] the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance to conduct a study to determine the extent to which regulations affecting higher education are duplicative, no longer necessary, inconsistent with other federal regulations, and/or overly burdensome. The Higher Education Regulations Study [PDF, 144K] will review and analyze only higher education regulations within the Higher Education Act (HEA).

As one of the study's required elements, the Committee must convene two review panels [PDF, 27K] of individuals who have significant experience with federal regulations in order to review regulations and provide recommendations with respect to streamlining and/or elimination. The Committee is also required to develop and maintain a website [PDF, 17K] that provides information on the study and includes an area for the public to offer recommendations for streamlining regulations. Below, please take an opportunity to comment on a particular higher education regulation. We welcome the comments and feedback of all stakeholders. Your comments will ultimately be used to identify regulations that can be streamlined and/or eliminated.

Please be advised that if you leave this website before submitting your comments, this form will not be saved. Please comment on only one regulation per submission. You may submit comments as many times as necessary.

Please identify affiliation:

College or University
If affiliated with a college or university, please identify type and control:
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Please identify your position:

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Please suggest a specific regulation that should be considered for streamlining and/or elimination. If possible, please include the specific regulation citation.

Is this regulation (check as many as apply):

Overly burdensome?
No longer necessary?
Inconsistent with other federal regulations?

Could this regulation be streamlined and/or eliminated without adverse effects? Please explain:

If possible, please describe and estimate the burden of this regulation (please consider dollar costs per full-time employee and/or full-time equivalent student, total expenditures, opportunity costs, and/or hours associated with compliance):


ACSFA staff are willing to discuss, confidentially, any submission in more detail. If interested, please complete the information below:



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* Please be advised that all contact information and comments will be kept confidential and will not be used in any public materials.

Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

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