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Advisory Committee Publications


    Do No Harm: Undermining Access Will Not Improve College Completion
    September 2013
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    Access Matters: Meeting the Nation's College Completion Goals Requires Large Increases in Need-Based Grant Aid
    Spring 2013
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    Pathways to Success: Integrating Learning with Life and Work to Increase National College Completion
    February 2012
    Report download files PDF | Additional testimony download files PDF

    Higher Education Regulations Study: Final Report
    November 2011
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    Higher Education Regulations Study: Preliminary Findings
    September 2011
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    The Bottom Line: Ensuring that Students and Parents Understand the Net Price of College
    June 2011
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    The Rising Price of Inequality: How Inadequate Grant Aid Limits College Access and Persistence
    June 2010
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    Apply to Succeed: Ensuring Community College Students Benefit from Need-Based Financial Aid
    September 2008
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    Early & Often: Designing a Comprehensive System of Financial Aid Information
    July 2008
    Abridged report download files PDF | Full report download files PDF | Unit Plans: A Resource Guide download files PDF

    Transition Matters: Community College to Bachelor's Degree
    May 2008
    Abridged report download files PDF | Full report download files PDF

    Turn the Page: Making College Textbooks More Affordable
    May 2007
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    Mortgaging Our Future: How Financial Barriers to College Undercut America's Global Competitiveness
    September 2006
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    The Student Aid Gauntlet: Making Access to College Simple and Certain
    January 2005
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    Review of NCES Research on Financial Aid and College Participation and Omitted Variables and Sample Selection Issues in the NCES Research on Financial Aid and College Participation
    by D. Heller and W. Becker
    September 2003
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    Empty Promises: The Myth of College Access in America
    June 2002
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    Access Denied: Restoring the Nation's Commitment to Equal Educational Opportunity
    February 2001
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Policy Briefs, Policy Bulletins, and Press Releases

    Measure Twice: The Impact on Graduation Rates of Serving Pell Grant Recipients
    July 2013
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    Inequality Matters: Bachelor's Degree Losses Among Low-Income Black and Hispanic High School Graduates
    June 2013
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    Is College Affordable? Are Loans Manageable? What Do Colleges' Net Price Calculators Show?
    November 2012
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    Brown Center at Brookings
    May 2012
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    Rationalizing the Pell Policy Debate
    January 2012
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    Shifts in College Enrollment Increase Projected Losses in Bachelor's Degrees
    May 2008
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    The Toolbox and Student Aid Policy
    March 2006
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    Hearing Transcript: Postsecondary Institution Ratings System
    September 2014
    Transcript download files PDF | Submissions download files PDF

    Meeting the Access and Persistence Challenge
    June 2010
    Hearing Summary download files PDF

    Ensuring Access to College Amid Economic Uncertainty: A Roundtable Discussion
    June 2008
    Hearing Summary download files PDF | video Video

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Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance

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